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Ultra 01 XT ExperienceAccueilENGLISH VERSION : Flyer / ULTRA01 RULES English version

ENGLISH VERSION : Flyer / ULTRA01 RULES English version


click to download : UT01_FLYER_A5_UK_BATP






ULTRA01 XT EXPERIENCE (hereby referred to as ‘The Challenge’) is a trail running challenge organised by 01 OUTDOOR (hereby referred to as The Organisers). The administrative and operational organization is jointly undertaken by EVO 01, headquartered at 5 Rue des Crêts, 01000 BOURG EN BRESSE France and AOS Consulting, headquartered at 9 Rue du Four, Moinans, 01250 BOHAS-MEYRIAT RIGNAT France.
The ULTRA01 event forms part of the departmental calendar of events for ‘Non-stadium Races’ and includes associated activities such as shared training experiences and reconnaissance outings.

In case of any dispute of the Rules, the French language version will take precedent.


The Challenge will take place in Oyonnax on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th June 2018. The Charles Mathon stadium will serve as the reception, start and finish of The Challenge.

* 3a / The Challenge and its associated activities are open to men and women from the age categories ‘Espoir’ (participants must be aged 20 years or over on the date of the race), ‘Senior’ and ‘Veteran’.

*3b/ Participants from the ‘Junior’ category (aged 18 years on the date of the race) may take part in The Challenge as a relay team of 8 juniors. The solo and relays of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 people are only open to participants aged 20 years or over on the date of the race. However, ‘Juniors’ are authorized to be a member of a ‘Senior’ team but for only a single relay of less than 25km. ‘Juniors’ may take part in the associated activities without restriction.

*3c / Regarding participants holding a licence : In accordance with article L.231-3 of the Code du Sport, The Organisers will ensure that participants hold one of the following appropriate licences : ‘Licence Athlé Compétition’, ‘Licence Athlé Entreprise’, ‘Licence Athlé Running’ (Santé Loisirs option « Running ») or a ‘Pass Running’ issued by la Fédération Française d’Athlétisme. The licence must be in date and valid on the day of The Challenge. Participants holding a licence from la Fédération Française d’Athlétisme must also provide a photocopy of the licence or the ‘Pass Running’ 2017-2018. Holders of a sport licence (as detailed in article L.131-6 of the code du sport) issued by an officially recognised federation may take part in The Challenge providing that their licence states the term ‘la non contre-indication à la pratique de l’Athlétisme en compétition ou de la Course à pied en compétition’. Holders of a valid and in date licence (on the day of The Challenge) issued by the FFCO, the FFPM or la Fédération Française de Triathlon may also participate.
*3d / Regarding participants without a licence, or participants with a licence from another federation : A medical certificate (original or photocopy) must be provided with the subscription form. The medical certificate must by valid and in date (including the date of The Challenge), and must state the term ‘non contre-indication à la pratique de la course à pied EN COMPÉTITION’ or ‘non contre-indication à la pratique de l’athlétisme en compétition’. It must be dated less than 1 year old, and in French. The medical certificate (original or photocopy) will be kept by The Organisers for justification in case of any accident. No other document will be accepted by The Organisers as proof of medical health in order to participate in The Challenge. No subscription will be accepted and participation will be refused if no medical certificate meeting the above requirements can be provided.

*3e/ Regarding participants not resident in France : A medical certificate written by a doctor stating ‘no known medical reason which could affect the participant’s ability to take part in athletics, or competitive running races’ must be provided by all participants not resident in France, including those engaged by any Athletics Sport Agents. The doctor does not have to be resident in France. The medical certificate must be dated and signed by the doctor (therefore allowing authentification) and translated into French. For translation purposes the the term ‘no known medical reason which could affect the participant’s ability to take part in athletics, or competitive running races’ must be translated to ‘non contre-indication à la pratique de la course à pied en compétition’ or ‘non contre-indication à la pratique de l’athlétisme en compétition’.


Those wishing to participate in The Challenge are recommended to sign up using our website, using the secure credit/debit card payment system. Those wishing to participate in The Challenge must provide a photocopy of their licence or valid medical certificate (as detailed in section 3 above) no later than 16th June 2018. All subscriptions are definitive and no reimbursement will be given in case of any cancellation of participation, with the exception of participants who have subscribed to the ‘cancellation subscription’, or if there is a valid medical reason (see conditions in section ‘cancellation insurance’).

Inscription coss are fixed at 100€ for solo, 50€ per person for the senior relays, 20€ per person for the junior relays and 1500€ per company for the corporate challenge for 8 participants. The inscription costs include a welcome gift, a technical t-shirt, food/drink supplies during The Challenge, a meal upon completion of The Challenge, electronic timing and live tracking.


Participation in The Challenge is open to:
* solo runners in men and women’s categories
* teams of 2 (men, women or mixed)
* teams of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 (must be mixed men and women)

*junior teams (18 and 19 years old) of 8 runners (team must be mixed men and women).
*corporate teams of 8 runners (must be mixed men and women).


Team member’s names must be provided at the signing up stage. Team name and team member changes are permitted up to one week before the start, and must be made on the website ensuring that all team members meet the conditions of participation.


Each team is free to manage the relays how they wish. It is not necessary to inform The Organisers in advance of which team members will be running each section or relay. However, changeovers can only be made in the Relay Zones (Nantua, Corcelles, Hauteville, Les plans d’Hotonnes, Nantua). The ‘active runner’ must always have the bib attached and the electronic timekeeping chip with them.


Assistance, support and food and drink supplies can be taken/given at any point on the route of The Challenge. Please refer to the Road Book which will be provided, which details easy access points and preferred roads. Please respect the parking zones and keep all noise to a minimum when crossing villages.

Pacers are permitted (for both solo and relays) to assist and accompany participants. There are no restrictions but any pacers must declare themselves to The Organisers before the start of The Challenge and wear a neutral bib marked ‘PACER’. This bib will be provided free of charge. Each solo runner may have up to 3 pacers, and each team may have 1 pacer.

The pacer is permitted to run with the participant, keep them informed of information, carry the participant’s bag, and give materials, food and drink. The pacer may enter or leave the course at any point on the route. Pacers are not permitted to carry, push, pull or transport the runner in any motor vehicle. Mountain bikes are not permitted for use on the course by any pacers or assistants in order to maintain the space on the course for the runners.

ULTRA01 is a friendly event in the image of our ambassador Xavier Thévenard, and we trust in you to respect the high standards of sporting etiquette, spirit and behavior. Littering of any kind or not using the bins provided, aggressive behaviour, non-respect towards residents and/or volunteers and any behaviour deemed to be cheating or putting the safety of others at risk will result in immediate disqualification and/or exclusion.

The online training programme at is provided free of charge, as well as training and route reconnaissances sessions. They will take place for one Saturday morning per month between January 2018 and June 2018 at Oyonnax, Nantua, Hauteville and les Plans d’Hotonnes. Details and dates will be given on our Facebook page. The training sessions will be run in groups of different levels on sections of the route of The Challenge, and will be assited and run by professional athletes and coaches.


The Organisers will provide access to a team of medical professionals (doctor, first aiders, osteopath, nutritionist) for participants during The Challenge.


The start date and time of The Challenge will be Friday 22nd June 2018 at 18H00, at the Charles Mathon Stadium in Oyonnax. Expected arrival times for finishers will be from approximately 06H30 on Saturday 23rd June 2018 for participants in relays, and from 14H00 on Sunday 24th June 2018 for solo runners.


The route is 164.6 km in length with a total positive climb of 5122m. Details of the route are available on this link: . All participants agree to follow the planned route in the best sporting spirit possible, and respecting any rules of the highway as necessary.

The route is divided into the following relay sections (we reserve the right to modify if necessary):
*A /RELAY ULTRA 01 for teams of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6

Reserved for Junior (the relay distance must be less than 25km in accordance with FFA rules) and Corporate teams. 

16 / BIBS

A race bib will be provided to each solo runner, and one bib provided per team which must be exchanged between participants at each relay changeover. It must be worn and visible at all times.


No obligatory material or equipment is required in order to participate. However, it is important for your safety and The Organisers strongly recommend suitable clothing and equipment for the weather conditions and route distance/duration. The Organisers will provide a list of recommended equipment before The Challenge which will include: 

  • Mobile phone with international calling option (with The Organiser’s contact number saved in the contacts +33 6 31 37 55 70 as well as the Race Control’s contact number +33 7 67 10 15 00). It must be fully charged and kept switched on, and numbers must not be set to private.
  • At least 0.5l of water.
  • A working head torch with spare set of batteries for night relays.
  • Identification (passport, ID card etc)
  • A whistle
  • Food
  • A waterproof jacket with a hood for bad weather (we reccommend Gore-Tex or similar)
  • Hat (beanie or cap depending on conditions) or bandana
  • Thermal long sleeve under layer
  • Warm, waterproof gloves
  • Walking poles
  • Survival blanket (1.40m x 2m minimum)

In case of particularly difficult weather conditions, some of the recommended material and equipment may become obligatory. Should this be the case, obligatory material and equipment will be checked by The Organisers at the start, randomly during, and at the end of The Challenge. Any missing obligatory equipment will result in exclusion from The Challenge.


The route will be waymarked using white and green tape, fixed on low level vegetation. Waymarking in urban areas and road sections will be shown using arrows painted on the ground. The tape will also be reflective in order to improve visibility of waypoints during the night. Should you no longer see any waymarkings, you must turn back and re-trace your steps. In order to reduce our environmental impact, no waymarking paint will be used on the tracks and participants must stay on the waymarked paths and not take any short cuts which could lead to erosion damage.


Public safety will be ensured through an organisation recognised by the ‘Protection Civile’. Aid stations will be posted at various points along the route. These aid stations will have communications links to the Race Control in Oyonnax. It is the responsibility of any runner who is in difficulty or injured to call for aid by:

  • Going to an aid station 
  • Calling the Race Control 
  • Asking another runner or any other person to call for help

Each runner has the responsibility to aid any person in danger and to call for help. Any runner in need of aid from a doctor or rescuer agrees to submit to the doctor’s or rescuer’s authority and to accept their decisions. Rescuers and doctors are authorized to:

-remove or exclude any participant (invalidating the bib) deemed unable or unfit to continue The Challenge.
-evacuate by any means deemed necessary any participant judged to be in danger.

-hospitalise any participant if deemed necessary in order to protect their health.

Should there be any difficulty in reaching the Race Control, rescue organisations can be called directly (particularly in any ‘emergency-only zones’) by calling 112 or Race Control (+33 7 67 10 15 00).

 Each participant must remain on the waymarked path. Any participant who leaves the waymarked path voluntarily will no longer be considered under the responsibility of The Organisers.


Unless injured, a runner must not abandon or leave the route other than at a control point or relay zone. The participant must inform the relay zone manager that they can no longer continue. Aid and evacuation from the route will be provided if necessary. The following runner will be allowed to continue The Challenge. In all cases, any abandon from The Challenge must be signaled to The Organisers.

4 cut off times will be put in place for ALL participants (both solo or relay):

Saturday : Corcelles 02H35

Saturday : Hauteville 07H54

Saturday: Les Plans 14H08

Sunday : Nantua 01H58

The Organisers reserve the right to modify the route and positioning of rescue points at any moment during The Challenge without prior notice. In case of unfavourable weather conditions (heavy rain, snow at altitude, high risk of thunderstorms, landslides etc) the start time could be brought forward or delayed by a few hours at the most. Beyond this an alternative route will be used. If deemed necessary, the territorial authorities may cancel The Challenge.


Please drive carefully and respect the rules of the road. Do not use or block access to any private roads and property. Please refer to the Road Book provided which details favourable parking and access points. Please keep to the dedicated parking zones and keep noise to a minimum when passing through any villages.


Littering of any kind or not using the bins provided, aggressive behaviour, non-respect towards residents and/or volunteers and any behaviour deemed to be cheating, agressive or putting the safety of others at risk will result in immediate disqualification and/or exclusion.

Results will be announced at 23H30 on Saturday 23rd June 2018 and the prize giving will take place at Charles Mathon Staduim at midnight. Prizes will be awarded to:

  • Relay pairs (team of 2): all women’s pair first place finishers, mixed men’s and women’s pair first place finishers and all men’s pair first place finishers.
  • Teams of 3, 4, 5, 6 and junior teams (obligatory mixed) : the first place finishers from each of the 5 relay team categories.

Solos :
Results will be announced at 14H00 on Sunday 24th June 2018 and the prize giving will take place at the Charles Mathon Staduim. Prizes will be awarded to :

  • Women’s solos: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers.
  • Men’s solos: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers

A draw from among all participants will take place at the closing ceremony to provide an additional prize. 

Prizes will only be awarded to participants present at the prize giving ceremony. A certificate of participation will be available for all participants at the end of The Challenge at


AOSC is, in accordance with the law, covered under professional public liability insurance through AXA/ PROCOURTAGE policy number : 7690414904. The professional public liability insurance also covers any staff and volunteers working on The Challenge. . However, this insurance does not extend to personal accident insurance for each participant.
Personal accident insurance: Each participant (or their company) must be covered by a personal accident insurance covering any search, rescue and repatriation costs. Each participant is free to choose an insurance provider as long as the above requirements are met.

Any companies participating in the corporate relays must also ensure that their employees taking part in The Challenge are covered by an appropriate accident insurance . The Organisers cannot be held liable for any injury to, or damage caused by any employees taking part in the corporate relays of The Challenge.

Anti-doping testing is a possibility. Any participants required to be tested must follow the directions of the AFLD doctors and staff.

All participants, by default, accept the use of their image for advertising, publicity or commercial purposes by agreeing to the following statement : I expressly authorise The Organisers of ULTRA01 and any of their commercial partners and press to use any still or video photography taken during my participation of the ULTRA01 Challenge, upon which my image may appear, for any worldwide promotional or publicity purposes, for the maximum authorised duration as set in any laws and regulations in force, including any extentions to this duration which may be authorised.

28 / ‘Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés’:

In conformity with the French law ‘Informatique et Liberté’ of 6th January 1978, you have the right to access and rectify any of your personal information held by us. Through our intermediary, you may receive offers or promotions from other companies or organisations. If you do not wish to receive these you may inform us in writing indicating your name, address and bib number. 


By signing up to The Challenge, the participant agrees to have read and accepted these rules, and agrees to abide by them in their totality. 

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